For over a Years, TEC Press members has been committed to use a wide range of media to build and sustain a good image for a institution, or brand through planned publicity campaigns and PR activity addressing the ideas that matter most to people. We publishing program carries on this tradition and seeks to open and expand the dialogue between theory and practice by looking at education, learning, and teaching in diverse ways exploring the tension between the academy and the public school challenging assumptions that devalue the quality of the educational experience at all levels of schooling providing substantive resources for all of the participants in the education process (Faculty, Researchers, Academics, Administrators, College board members, Policy makers, Parents and Students)

Trichy Engineering College Media Network is the largest interactive network of online college news which is given in the college website. College news throughout the state & country with the combined readership of the network, it is an attractive opportunity for advertisers to reach college students and alumni communities.

Planned publicity campaigns and PR activities

  1. We planning publicity strategies and campaigns.
  2. Writing and producing presentations and press releases.
  3. Organising promotional events such as Educational Awareness program, Social Service through our college NSS, LEO & LIONS club activities at various rural area in and around cities, Open days, Exhibit to various education expo, Educational study tours.
  4. Speaking publicly at interviews, Press conferences and Presentations.
  5. Providing career guidance information about new promotional opportunities and current PR campaigns progress.
  6. Analysing students welfare coverage.

PRO & Convenor